15 Unique Ideas for Honoring the Memory of a Loved One

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September 07, 2016

There are many different ways to honor the memory of a loved one who has passed on. Memorializing someone you cared for also helps keep that person’s memory alive, and shows others just how much he or she meant to you.

Perhaps what truly makes memorializing a loved one so special is that it affords you a chance to celebrate the uniqueness of that person and your relationship. While the memory of your loved one will always be with you, what are some special ways to express this remembrance? BurialPlanning.com has compiled 10 unique ways to honor someone you love who has passed. Please feel free to use any of these ideas listed below, as well as customize these ideas to express the uniqueness of your loved one.


10 Ideas for Honoring Someone Who Has Passed On

1. Make Your Loved Ones Favorite Meal…. Even if You Can’t Cook!

Baked Ziti
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Did you know that your sense of smell is closely tied to your memory? Cooking your loved one’s favorite meal can help you remember that person, and remind you of the good times you had together. Even just smelling something like your grandmother’s special baked ziti can bring you right back to her kitchen!

2. Have a Movie Night and Watch Your Loved Ones Favorite Movie.

movie projector
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What is the one film your loved one truly appreciated? Maybe your dad watched It’s a Wonderful Life every single Christmas. Whatever it may be, setup a fun movie night and watch it, then take some time to discuss why your loved one enjoyed it so much.

3. Place a Memorial Bench Near Your Loved One’s Burial Site.

granite memorial bench
Image Source: BurialPlanning.com

Some cemeteries allow you to add a memorial bench near your loved one’s burial site. Benches can often times be customized in material, style, and most importantly the message inscribed on them. They also provide a tranquil place to reflect on the memory of the person you lost.

4. Throw Them a Birthday Party.

birthday cake with candles
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It can be particularly tough on your loved one’s birthday. But you can try to take it as an opportunity to celebrate your loved one’s life by throwing him or her a birthday party. Invite friends and family over, serve cake, and discuss your most cherished memories.

5. Give to Charity.

make a donation calendar
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Did your loved one volunteer somewhere? Perhaps he was a regular at a local animal shelter? Consider donating to a charity on your loved one’s behalf.

6. Plant Something.

planting a tree
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Planting flowers, a tree, rosebush, or even a vegetable garden can be a lovely, fragrant, and fruitful reminder of your loved one.

7. Tattoos – a Permanent Reminder of Those You Lost.

getting a tattoo
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Tattoos aren’t for everyone, but many people get a tattoo as a way to remember someone. You can get a tattoo of their likeness, a quote from their favorite book, or even an inside joke that only you and that person know about. Get creative!

8. Create a Stamp of Your Loved One.

stamp collection
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Did you know that the United States Postal Service allows you to create your very own custom stamps? You can upload your own photos of your loved one and you’ll get a roll of stamps that you can actually use to mail letters and packages.

9. Design a Custom Marker for Their Burial Site.

grave custom marker
Image Source: BurialPlanning.com

In many cases, an engraved marker can be added to your loved one’s burial site, to express a particular message about that person. Keep in mind, some cemeteries have specific requirements around markers and what can be included on them.

10. Create a Quilt or Stuffed Animal from Their Clothes.

quilt made from t-shirts
Image Source: Wikipedia

Perhaps your loved one had a favorite scarf she wore every winter, or an old T-shirt he had since college – consider using their clothing to create a unique quilt, stuffed animal, or any other number of things.

11. Build Something in Their Honor

Even if you’re not all that handy, taking on a project like this could be a great way to honor someone you love. It could be something as simple as a birdhouse or even just a rock garden.

 12. Learn a New Skill (Particularly if It Was Something They Enjoyed Doing) 

Perhaps your loved one played a musical instrument or really enjoyed painting. Or maybe it was something else like baking a particular type of pie. Regardless, learning a new skill or taking up a hobby can be a great way to honor someone you loved.

13. Visit Their Favorite Vacation Spot


Whether they were beach or mountain people, going to where they liked to relax and get away from it all can be a great opportunity to reflect on the person they were and why they meant so much to you.

14. Create a Memorial Space in Your Home 

A tasteful memorial space dedicated to your loved one is an excellent way to honor them. This can be as simple as pictures of them or a small plaque.

15. Create a Scholarship in their Memory

You might be surprised to learn that creating a scholarship in someone’s memory is easier than you think. If education was particularly important to them or they were fond of their alma mater, you may want to look into this option.

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