Life Passages

You held his hand on the first day of school; taught him to ride a two-wheeler bicycle; cheered when he made the winning touchdown at the Homecoming game; and cried when he married the-girl-next-door. You spent your life teaching him lessons that molded him into a loving son and attentive husband, so isn’t it time to teach him about burial planning?

By having your prepaid burial plans arranged, you will lead by example demonstrating the circle of life is nothing to fear, and it is better to have burial costs prepaid to alleviate an obviously trying time. And, it’s easier than you might think.

Here are the necessary steps to follow:

  1. Determine your burial option—meaning in-ground, above ground in a community mausoleum, above ground in a private mausoleum, above ground in a lawn crypt, or cremation services.

  2. Find a cemetery space—where do you want your final resting place to be? Will family members want to visit and place flowers at a headstone? If cremation is a consideration, would you like ashes scattered somewhere special as part of the service?

  3. Burial merchandise—items such as caskets, urns, vaults, markers and memorials are the last details needed for reflection. While this step might be the heaviest to handle, just think of how much lighter that burden will be when your wishes are already laid out when the time comes. It’s squabble-free planning.

You gave him the gift of life. Now, give him the gift of peace of mind with prepaid burial plans. Visit for more details.

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