Financially Responsible Personal Branding

Everyone recognizes the Coca-Cola and Pepsi brands from their colorful logos. Corporations allocate budget dollars to advertising and marketing agencies and to celebrities like Kim Kardashian to help develop and promote their brand. Whether you realize it or not, you also have a personal brand.  And, companies spend money to keep their brand from being tarnished. Individuals also should be concerned about preserving their brand — especially with loved ones. One of the best vehicles to do that is by creating personalized legacy that is financially responsible through pre burial plans.

5 Reasons to Create a Financially Responsible Personal Brand:

1) You have spent your entire life to create your brand.

The only difference between Coca-Cola and Pepsi and you is that you didn’t have to spend a lot of money to create your personal brand, but it took you an entire lifetime to build it. Why would you want it to change after your death? Through burial personal branding, you will preserve your personal brand with your family, friends and loved ones because they will not be left with the final bill for your after-life expenses.

2) It is not as difficult as you may think.

There is more information available on the Internet than ever to begin planning your burial and to locate a cemetery. The National Network of Cemeteries provides burial information in a free, no-obligation planning kit and has payment plans and occasional special promotions to make purchasing burial plots more affordable.

3) You should never let others define your personal brand.

Leaving it up to someone else to create your personalized legacy can be a big mistake — emotionally and financially. The people who care about you the most need to be able grieve your death in a way that reflects the personal brand you have developed with them throughout your life. Leaving them to make difficult financial decisions at this vulnerable time could lead to emotional overspending and prevent them from experiencing a meaningful grief process.

4) Preserving your personal brand is important to those who matter the most.

Your personal brand may change during your career and after your retire, but it never changes with your significant loved ones. That is worth preserving.

5) You can be remembered for what mattered to you the most.

The best way to guarantee you will be memorialized and remembered on your terms is to take care of it yourself through burial personal branding.  Whatever your passion in life, you can help others remember you that way by finding a cemetery where your memorialization will be reflective of your life.

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