Adventures in Baby Boomer Retirement Trends

The Baby Boomer generation is quickly approaching retirement if not already there! What are a few trends in retirement plans that we’ve seen? Check these out! 

1. Joining the tech revolution! They may not be glued to their phones and tablets, but an increasing number of boomers have found that apps help manage daily tasks like organizing bank accounts or finding new recipes. Another reason boomers are jumping on the tech bandwagon? It helps them stay connected to friends and family around the globe! 

2. Baby boomers are planning ahead. The 2008 recession impacted boomers in a huge way – the recovery time has passed and now a large percentage of boomers are back on their feet, and using the lessons learned to outline exactly what they need and want out of retirement.  

3. Pre burial plans let your family know exactly how you want to be remembered when the time comes.   Family Service Counselors will work with boomers (or interested families of any age!) through the variety of burial options that are available based on their needs and wants. This saves family members from making difficult decisions during a time of need. 

4. Get back out there! Many find it incredibly difficult to adjust from a 40 (or more) hour work week to zero hours. Another baby boomer retirement trend shows that boomers are more likely to give back in the form of volunteering their time, pursuing a new passion or hobby or starting their own small business from their home.

5. What says adventure more than traveling? Financially planning for a comfortable retirement sounds difficult, but if done well, boomers are finding themselves with not only the time to travel, but the funds to do so! So whether your perfect vacation is a long weekend at the beach or in the mountains, planning a head can make sure that you are able to enjoy your new found free time!

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