Creative Grave Monument Ideas to Remember a Loved One

Burial monuments are lasting depictions of loved one’s legacies. They’re often the visual representation of a person’s life, and they can invoke comfort and memories for the family members and loved ones who come to visit.

While some people prefer the steadiness of a simple gravesite marker, others may find a creative monument appealing for expressing their own unique personality. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some creative burial monument ideas.

If you’re considering creative burial monument options for yourself or a loved one, these are a few good places to start.

1.     Include a famous quote

Quotations are one of the more common inclusions on many burial monuments, but, of course, they provide broad room for creative expression.

Likely the most common sources for burial monument quotes are religious texts. For people with a spiritual focus or religious affiliation, including words from sacred text on their burial monument can affirm their beliefs as part of their legacy.

When choosing a famous quote, it’s important to take copyright laws into account. Every piece of intellectual property is automatically owned by its creator, with protection expiring after 75 years. Consequently, if material is more than 75 years old, it may be used.

Additionally, in some cases, a manufacturer or cemetery may have paid a fee to gain rights to a collection of material for burial monument use.

Of course, there’s no reason the quote has to be famous. One creative burial monument option is to inscribe a personal quote that the individual or a family member has spoken, which can be a unique way to express personality.

2.     Showcase the different roles of the loved one

Another creative monument option is to showcase the different roles of the loved one on the burial monument. This can be a fitting way to incorporate the breadth of their legacy into their monument.

Was the loved one a mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, lawyer, sports fan, etc.? Find a creative way to list all of the roles the individual has played throughout their life. This can be fun and thought provoking; when loved ones visit the monument, they will be able to reflect on the roles that the person played in their own life.

3.     Incorporate space for flowers

One beautiful way to customize a burial monument is to incorporate space for flowers into the design of the monument itself. When loved ones visit, they can plant flowers in these spaces. Doing this means that the appearance of the monument will be vibrant, as visitors come, seasons change, and flowers grow.

4.     Inscribe a meaningful image on the grave monument

Choosing a meaningful image to be inscribed on the grave monument can reflect a person’s personality and legacy, as well.

Of course, images also face copyright restrictions, so logos or movie characters may be protected from use. However, there are endless images to choose from. How about a family picture? Or a scene depicting one of the individual’s favorite places? For those looking to add a personal touch to the monument, adding an image is certainly a creative option to consider.

5.     Choose a sculpted grave monument

Finally, choosing a sculpted grave monument can be a creative way to express an individual’s personality and legacy. Again, while it’s pay attention to copyright protections, the possibilities are endless. From motorcycles, to sports scenes, to meaningful household objects, sculpted grave monuments will certainly stand out from the rest.

Next Steps

To learn more about the information traditionally inscribed on a cemetery grave monument, read our burial product description. Remember, while choosing a grave monument as part of an in-ground burial is a personal choice, the legacy you leave will affect your loved ones.

Pre-planning with the benefit of all of the necessary information can help to ensure that you and your loved ones have peace of mind. To learn more about how to leave a lasting legacy, get your free pre-planning kit today.

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