Burial Options: Cremation

Cremation has recently become one of the most common end-of-life plans, but the actual process of cremation is still largely unknown to most. Though the technical aspects of it are a bit more complicated than most people are familiar with, most people are at least familiar with the basics and the end results. 

So we know that cremation is among the most common and inexpensive burial options, and there are many different things you can do with the cremains to ensure that you or your loved one has their memory honored in the right way. But why is it such a common practice these days – and more importantly, is it right for you or your loved one? Let’s touch on a few of the main reasons that cremation is a popular decision among so many people, to help you better decide if it’s a good choice for you or your loved one.

Cremation may be a good option to consider if:

1. You Prefer a Lower-Cost Option

We don’t often think about the cost of end-of-life plans until we’re forced to do so, and at that point it can often come as a surprise how expensive certain options can be compared to others. It’s important to remember that a burial service doesn’t have to break the bank to be beautiful and meaningful. Once the cremation process is complete, there are several options regarding where to place the cremains, with many of them being very affordable.

In many cases, those who pre-plan their own end-of-life arrangements want to leave as much as possible to their families, and so they avoid extravagant spending when it comes to burial arrangements. If the added stress of excessive spending is something you’re looking to avoid during a time of loss, cremation is definitely an option to consider.

2. You Prefer an Above-Ground Resting Place

If for any reason the idea of a traditional burial doesn’t appeal to you or your loved one, cremation is an excellent way to ensure that you have several options available regarding an above-ground resting place. The cremains are put into an urn, which can then be placed to rest in any of several locations, public or private. They are often housed in columbaria, large above-ground structures with multiple compartments that contain individual urns. Choosing to have an urn placed in a columbarium can provide surviving loved ones with a sense of tangibility, giving them a specific location to visit and something personalized to see when they arrive.

If the idea of giving your loved ones a beautiful, weather-protected, special place to visit is something that sounds right for you, you may want to consider housing cremains within a columbarium.

3. You Want Your Remains to Stay with Your Loved Ones

Many people who choose cremation for themselves or a loved one do so out of a desire to keep the cremains somewhere closer and more personal than a cemetery. It’s very common for those who choose cremation to have their ashes held in an urn, something that is extremely customizable and flexible in its placement options.

For the purpose of keeping the cremains close, urns are often kept above the mantle of a fireplace or in a special room in a family member’s home. They can be very simple or extremely intricate and customized, so there’s an option for everyone if an urn sounds like the right choice for you.

4. You Want Your Remains to Be Scattered in a Particular Location

The idea of having one’s cremains scattered somewhere of significance to the person or their loved ones is widely romanticized, and it can be a beautiful gesture and service. It is important to note, however, that the scattering of cremains is not legal everywhere, and you may need to consult your state or county’s particular rules regarding this practice if you intend to spread ashes anywhere other than your own private property.

If you’re interested in the idea of having your cremains scattered somewhere beautiful and scenic but are unsure of the legality – or are unsure of a location at all – you may want to explore the idea of a scatter garden. These gardens are specially designated for the scattering of cremains and are typically beautiful, quiet, peaceful places of reflection for loved ones to visit at will.

Still Considering Your Burial Options?

Whether or not you decide to go with cremation as your end-of-life plan for yourself or a loved one, we hope this article has been useful in helping you make that decision. Remember that there are many other options to consider, as well as many different choices to consider if cremation sounds like the right one for you; you can explore all of these choices and many more with our free pre-planning kit to make sure you and your family have peace of mind, and one fewer thing to worry about in the hardest of times.

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