Actress Morgan Fairchild Named As Spokesperson

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Golden Globe-nominated television, film and theater actress Morgan Fairchild has been named spokesperson for In that capacity, she will be featured on a national advertising campaign to promote the benefits of burial pre-planning.

Educating families on the need to plan ahead is important to Fairchild, who believes that no role is more significant than taking care of loved ones.

“I’m excited to work with because burial pre-planning is such an important but often neglected responsibility older Americans have to their loved ones,” said Fairchild. “While one’s burial is not a pleasant topic, it’s inevitable and requires the same thoughtful planning as any other life cycle event. I encourage those 50 or older to take care of pre-planning now so that when the time eventually comes, their loved ones can focus on memorializing and celebrating their life."

According to AARP, the number one concern for families and friends at the time of a loved one’s death is choosing the right cemetery or cremation space, and the second greatest concern is financial. walks visitors through the process of choosing a final resting place and encourages them to lock in costs at today’s rates, potentially saving thousands of dollars.

While burial pre-planning can seem like a daunting task, breaks the process down to three simple steps:

Choose a Burial Plan Option:

Using a national network of cemeteries, visitors are able to learn about specific cemeteries and choose the ideal burial option for them.

By pre-planning, customers spare family members from making major decisions – such as the location for a final resting place for a parent or loved one – during an already-stressful time.

Choose a Memorial Space:

In pre-planning a final resting place, visitors can request additional information about the purchase in person, by phone, or with a no-obligation cemetery planning kit in the mail.

Prepaid burial plans allow customers to lock in today’s prices.  Burial costs are expected to increase substantially each decade; by paying at today’s prices, customers can save thousands of dollars.

Choose Burial Items:

 Specific items are needed for every type of burial. offers visitors an in-depth look at all items necessary and helps to assess what is best following the selection of his or her burial option and memorial space.

By choosing all necessary burial items, customers ensure that all of their final wishes are met – from the tree that overlooks the burial space to the words on the gravestone or memorial.

Be sure to “stay tuned” over following weeks as Morgan Fairchild begins her role as our spokesperson.