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October 15, 2014

Most of us are familiar with the humor of comedienne, Joan Rivers. While she enjoyed poking fun at others, she was also quick to turn the joke on herself. Rivers endeared us with the close bond she and daughter Melissa shared; which seemed to grow stronger after they became Fashion Police hosts’ for E! Network. They had celebrities eating out of their hands with the infamous “Who are you wearing?” red carpet line.

Hollywood all the Way

When Rivers slipped into a comma recently, during a medical procedure, and subsequently passed away, it was a shock to her family and a nation that had cherished the iconic funny lady. It’s unclear if Rivers had seriously considered burial planning, however she wrote in her 2012 book I Hate Everyone…Starting With Me, “I want it to be Hollywood all the way…I want Meryl Streep crying in five different accents.” While she was obviously joking, several friends mentioned on camera that Rivers would be delighted with a grand, attention-grabbing funeral.

Plan Now or Pay More Later

How about you? Have you ever discussed your burial intentions with children, spouse, or close friends? It might seem a bit unusual to discuss burial options, but a memorial counselor can assist with all questions and make the process comfortable. The biggest advantage to prepaid burial plans is the opportunity to lock in with the price today rather than paying the higher burial costs in 10-15 years. It’s not a scam or gimmick. It’s a sound plan that will help those left behind understand your wishes, and if possible, not have the expense of burial arrangements.

We Can Help…Seriously

Even without planning, Joan Rivers had enough money to afford an incredibly lavish send-off with plenty left over to pass on to her daughter. Since most of us are not in that situation, can offer the necessary support regarding burial information and options. Seriously.