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November 14, 2014

StoneMor, the parent company behind, now offers Final Expense Insurance to their more than one million families served, along with the many millions of underinsured consumers nationwide. Newly appointed National Vice President of Sales, Bill Johnson says of the insurance, “Your family will be protected from those unanticipated expenses that would add stress to an already stressful time.”

Final Expense = YES

Designed to cover the individual’s last expenses, such as burial costs, credit card debt, car payments, and medical bills, StoneMor seems to have touched on a policy that’s hard to resist. Final Expense Insurance plans are in fixed amounts ranging from $2,000 to $25,000. Since these are guaranteed issue policies, nobody can be declined for medical reasons.

Hey, but I’m already a pre-paid burial customer…

No problem. Final Expense insurance could still be for you as it protects loved ones from additional costs beyond burial and funeral expenses. Plus, the value to consumers from StoneMor’s policies can’t be beat. StoneMor even allows an extra coverage rider for telemedical and identity theft options. Here’s how it works:

•             Telemedical—provides the convenience of calling and speaking to a licensed doctor right over the phone to receive a preliminary diagnosis of symptoms along with any necessary medication prescriptions.

•             Identity theft protection—this simplifies the otherwise very involved process of restoring one’s good name in the event of identity theft. If there should ever be an incident concerning fraud, identity restoration experts can be reached immediately.

By giving some thought to final expenses now, you can personalize additional coverage to aid in settling outstanding debt. True peace of mind just entered a new level of calm.