Some of Our Favorite Ohio Cemeteries

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From  Antebellum beauties to  mid-century modern to truly modern, the cemeteries in Ohio are among the nicest in the country. Thanks to early city and town planners with foresight and artistry, Ohio families looking for burial plots have a beautiful array of options from which to choose.

Case in point is Green Lawn Cemetery. This mid-19th-century cemetery offers a rich history that’s intertwined with important historical events of Columbus (scroll down to see more).

But cemeteries of course come in all shapes and sizes, and so we’ve created this guide to some of the nicest ones. Below, you’ll find brief descriptions of the top Ohio cemeteries in the network.

Butler County Memorial Park

butler county cemetery in ohio

Established in the midst of World War II, Butler County Memorial Park lives up to its name by offering visitors a park-like experience. That’s achieved through the use of plots marked by flat bronze memorials rather than tombstones. The result is preservation of the beautiful landscape horizon.

The Chapel can host funeral services and is distinguished by its Italian granite and its temperature-controlled interior.

Click this link to learn more about Butler County Memorial Park.

Crown Hill Cemetery

crown hill cemetery in ohio

In Twinsburg, Ohio you’ll find the lovely Crown Hill Cemetery. Built in the late 1920’s, it has a distinctly “old world” feel to it. The grounds are marked by Tudor-style buildings, masonry fences build of solid, heavy rocks, and granite park benches.

This Ohio cemetery was designed to integrate naturally into the existing landscape, which includes a pond, streams, waterfall, and large stands of trees. Several plots offer serene niches where visitors can sit and reflect before a pond.

Click this link to learn more about Crown Hill Cemetery.

Green Lawn Cemetery

Green Lawn Cemetery Ohio

If your family has connections to Columbus, you may want to consider the historical Green Lawn Cemetery. It was designed in the fashion of the country’s oldest and most prominent burial grounds such as the Mount Auburn Cemetery near Boston.

It’s also steeped in local history, dating all the way back to 1848. That year, victims of the cholera outbreak in Columbus were the first to be buried here.

This Victorian style cemetery was built upon the notion that cemeteries were to be considered rural gardens, placed outside cities rather than right in the city centers. They required a high level of planning and development to maintain a certain landscaping artistry and to allow for expansion.

All of those goals were certainly achieved at Green Lawn. Easily one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Ohio, Green Lawn Cemetery is not only a burial ground but also a sanctuary for birds, a treasure trove of local history, and a peaceful park for visitors.

Click this link to learn more about Green Lawn Cemetery.

Forest Hills Memorial Gardens

forest hills memorial gardens in ohio

Forest Hills is well-equipped with fitting memorials to honor various groups. There’s a military memorial honoring all wings of the military. There’s a Mason monument as well. Gardens are highlighted by marble statues representing biblical figures such as the Gospels. There’s another featuring the Lord’s Prayer.

Click this link to learn more about Forest Hills Memorial Gardens.

Heritage Hills Cemetery

About 20 miles south of Dayton lies Heritage Hills Cemetery. Unlike many of the Ohio cemeteries on this list, Heritage Hills is not noted for its historical significance or “old world” feel. Rather, it’s a thoroughly modern cemetery (and one of the newest Ohio cemeteries), having opened in the 1980s.

That doesn’t mean Heritage Hills isn’t beautiful, however. Rolling acres of clipped green grass, lovingly tended shrubs and trees all make for a serene setting for visitors.

Click this link to learn more about Heritage Hills Cemetery.

Hillside Memorial Park

hillside memorial park in ohio

If traditional upright tombstones and old-growth trees are your ideas of the ideal resting place for you or your loved ones, then Hillside Memorial Park & Mausoleum might suit your needs. If you live in or near Akron, it’s worth a visit — located near Springfield Lake, its serene acres make every visitor feel at ease.

The keepers of the grounds at Hillside must be applauded: everywhere throughout the 88 acres you’ll see evidence of their handiwork. Landscaping elements are kept immaculately clipped and tidy, and fresh perennials dot featured areas as well as hidden nooks amidst the trees.

This is a perfectly lovely and well-maintained Ohio cemetery befitting everyone who seeks a peaceful and serene experience.

Click this link to learn more about Hillside Memorial Park.

Kingwood Memorial Park

Lots of cemeteries have ponds, but not all are as lovely as the one at Kingwood Memorial Park. The pond is stunning, with surrounding landscaping complex and artistic enough to rival the fanciest golf course.

Large boulders rest along one side of the pond while weeping willows drape gracefully on the edge as well as in the background. A well-marked walking path is also set amidst smartly placed boulders along rolling hills, resulting in what we consider to be one of the most uniquely beautiful cemeteries in Ohio.

Click this link to learn more about Kingwood Memorial Park.

Northlawn Memorial Gardens

northlawn memorial gardens in ohio

Northlawn, established in the 1960’s, is a perfect example of all that modern Ohio cemeteries can offer.

The mausoleum is simply stunning, with its impressive floor-to-ceiling glass wall allowing visitors to reflect quietly indoors yet still feel close to nature.

And much like other Ohio cemeteries, there’s tradition here, too: full-size marble statues featuring the Gospels stand out majestically, overlooking the gardens. One white marble statue stands on the surface of the pond, providing visitors a dramatic yet comforting focal point for their reflections.

The Avenue of Flags honoring our veterans features 450 full-size flags, a spectacle appreciated by visitors and photographers of Ohio Cemeteries alike.

Click this link to learn more about Northlawn Memorial Gardens.

Rest Haven Memorial Park

rest haven memorial park in ohio

Cincinnati is home to one of the top Ohio cemeteries, as far as grounds and landscaping go. Funded by an irrevocable trust, the cemetery offers visitors an experience not unlike that of visiting the finest formal botanical gardens of Europe.

The blooming trees in spring are worthy of a visit simply to experience their beauty. Many of the trees are unique to South Western Ohio, according to the park’s website.

Click this link to learn more about Rest Haven Memorial Park.

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