There are several types of cremation, including scattering cremated remains or keeping them in an urn. Scattering can occur in a cemetery scattering garden, or at sea or certain places with special meaning (please note that the scattering of ashes is prohibited in some areas). An urn can also be placed in a spot with special meaning like over a mantle in a home, or in an urn garden, community mausoleum niche, urn mausoleum (called a columbarium), or even buried in a gravesite space.

Compared to other burial options, cremation service costs tend to be less expensive, particularly when pre-planning a cremation. Viewings and full funeral services can also be held.

Cremation service is the right choice for you if:

Cremation services can require the following components:

If urn is buried in a gravesite space:

If urn is buried or placed in a mausoleum or columbarium niche:

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