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Willow Lawn Memorial Park

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Established in 1961, Willow Lawn Memorial Park/Aarrowood Pet Cemetery in Vernon Hills, Illinois is located near Vernon Hills Metra Train Station. Best known for Aarrowood Pet Cemetery and cremation nature trails, the grounds also include hills of trees, a pond, a 9/11 dedication, and a veterans section.

Willow Lawn Memorial Park/Aarrowood Pet Cemetery offers traditional in-ground burial, full body and natural burial, cremation garden, niches, and private estates.


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Aarrowood Pet Cemetery in Vernon Hills, IL

Aarrowood SignAarrowood Pet Cemetery attached to Willow Lawn Memorial Park serves the local community by offering a peaceful sanctuary for pet burial. 

Having conducted more than 60,000 interments since 1972, Aarrowood Pet Cemetery in Vernon Hills, IL is able to help guide you through the grief of losing a beloved pet. We offer flush memorialization, upright monuments, estates of 12 graves or more, Equine Gardens for horse burial, and an open floor plan crematory that opened in 2002. Families can bring their beloved pet directly to us for cremation, or we can provide transport from vet clinics or your residence. Families can then choose from private cremation services, viewing cremation services, individual cremation services, and whole-equine cremation services. There are many types of urns from which to choose.

Due to our unique connection with Willow Lawn Memorial Park, Aarrowood is the only pet cemetery in Vernon Hills, IL that offers a Companionship Garden where people can be interned alongside their pets. 

Losing a pet is one of the hardest things someone can go through. The caring staff at Aarrowood Pet Cemetery wants to help you through the difficult process of memorializing your loved one.

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Willow Lawn Memorial Park/Aarrowood Pet Cemetery