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Established in 1965, Windridge Memorial Park in Cary, Illinois was once used as a private summer estate by a local family and is currently registered as a nature sanctuary with the State of Illinois. Located close to the Fox River, the grounds feature gentle rolling hill, a pond, waterfall, nature trails, and abundant wildlife including deer, hawks, black squirrels, and bald eagle.

Windridge Memorial Park offers traditional ground burials, cremation burials and scattering in nature trails, natural burials, an outdoor mausoleum, and pet and people burials in a pet cemetery.

For any inquiries regarding preplanned funerals at Windridge Funeral Home please call Laird Family Funeral Services at 847-658-4232.


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What is Burial Planning and Why Should You Consider It?


More than 50 percent of Americans ages 50-74 pre-plan their burial needs.

Imagine the calming peace of mind you can have knowing that it’s all taken care of.

Burial planning involves arranging and even pre-paying your funeral now, decades in advance. There are numerous beneficial reasons to do this:

  • Pay today’s costs instead of years and years of inflation
  • Set your legacy by ensuring your story is told your way
  • Spare your loved ones the added stress of guessing what you would want
  • Alleviate additional grief during your loved ones’ time of loss

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Fawnwoods Pet Cemetery in Cary, IL

Fawnwoods Pet Lawn AreaFawnwoods Pet Cemetery at Windridge Memorial Park offers bereaved pet owners a lovely and tranquil setting to memorialize their pets. 

Founded in 1992 within a forest of oak and hickory, this Illinois pet cemetery includes nature trails, water features, beautiful floral gardens, and areas ideal for bird watching. A well-manicured path leads to a charming gazebo perfect for fond recollections and reflection.

Every pet in Fawnwoods is laid to rest with the same consideration and dignity afforded to any other family member, and the plot is customized for the size of the animal. Fawnwoods is also the only pet cemetery in Cary, IL that provides the option for pet owners to be buried next to their pets in unique pet and people estates. 

If you would like information on pre-planning your Fawnwoods Pet Cemetery arrangements, please fill out the form below to get started on this personal and sincere gesture.

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