Cemeteries Near Chicago

Chicago and its surrounding suburbs (referred to as Chicagoland) are home to a number of beautiful, historic cemeteries. If you would like to learn more about Chicagoland cemeteries, or are interested in planning a funeral at a cemetery in or near Chicago, read on for additional information.

Choosing a Cemetery Near Chicago

There are a number of benefits to planning your own funeral at a Chicago cemetery. For one, you get to save money by paying for a funeral now, instead of paying for it several decades from now (and dealing with inflation). Plus, you get to save your loved ones from having to make arrangement while they are grieving.

Star the planning process by choosing a Chicagoland cemetery below.

Want a Free Tool to Help Plan a Funeral?

As there are many decisions to be made, planning a funeral in the Chicago area can be difficult. This is why has put together a free downloadable checklist, available to all IL residents. This checklist can help simplify the funeral planning process. The checklist includes noting funeral service preferences, selecting a burial option, and suggestions for how to make it personal.

If you would like advice and help on planning a funeral in Chicago, complete this brief form now to receive your free tool.