Burial Flower Services to Honor the Loved All Year

Cemetery floral arrangements are a considerate, respectful way to continue to honor those who have passed and ensure the gravesite remains beautiful. Keep reading to learn more about flower arrangements for funerals, as well as floral options for those who have already passed.

Gravesite Decoration and Floral Arrangement Options

Gravesite decoration options made easy

Our professional grounds staff will place your homemade florist-quality burial flowers for you and remove them upon season end. You will never have to worry about maintenance or removal.

Cemetery floral arrangements for those who have already passed

You have the option of purchasing convenient seasonal graveside flower packages in advance, so that you can:

How much do cemetery floral arrangements cost?

There is a wide range of burial flower types, cemetery floral arrangements, styles, and other factors that can affect the cost of burial/funeral flowers. Additionally, the state in which you live can affect cost. Please keep in mind that the number below is simply an average cost of funeral and/or gravesite decoration options and your actual price may be higher or lower.

The national average cost of flower arrangements for funerals is $155. If you’d like to learn more about the cost of funeral products and services near you, please contact a cemetery in your area now.


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