Burial Planning For Your Parents

burial planning for elderly parents

Discussing end-of-life decisions with your elderly parents can be awkward. Particularly if you are unsure how to even broach the subject. But helping your parents in pre-planning their funerals doesn’t need to be a difficult conversation. In fact, by discussing burial planning with your parents now you can avoid financial woes and concerns over what your loved ones would’ve wanted in the future.

But how does one start the discussion in the first place? BurialPlanning.com has helpful advice on how you can do exactly that.

How to Talk to Your Parents About Burial Planning

Specific conversation starter tips can be found below.

Why should you talk to your parents about burial planning?

Tips for Burial Planning Conversation Starters

There is no one right way to start the burial planning conversation. As you know your parents better than just about anyone, you likely understand what they will respond to best. The following conversation starters can be used verbatim, or you can simply use them as guidelines of the types of approaches that may work:

Burial Planning Statistics

(Please note: These are simply estimates meant to illustrate how much funerals may cost in the near future, and to highlight the value in pre-planning a funeral and locking in today’s prices.)

What are the Planning Questions You Should be Asking

After starting the conversation, it’s important to keep the conversation moving in the right direction. The following questions will help you steer the conversation and ensure that you get the information you need for burial planning for your parents:

You can also use our burial planning checklist for an easy and efficient way to discuss pre-planning with your parents.

Further Research

The following links can provide you with additional information related to helping your parents in planning their funerals:

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