Planning Your Own Funeral – Why You Should Do It

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Most of us shy away from the topic of death and mortality, let alone our own funeral. If planning your own funeral sounds a bit maudlin to you, that's understandable. You're probably thinking, "Why should I arrange my funeral?" But once you think about it logically and financially, you'll see how much sense it makes for you to start planning now, while you're still around to make such an important decision.

Planning one's own funeral is gaining in popularity, as evidenced by celebrities who are taking matters into their own hands. Reports say pop star Justin Bieber is already planning his own funeral, including a solar-powered video screen as headstone. René Angélil made his own funeral arrangements ahead of time to spare his wife, singer Céline Dion, from having to do so. Muhammad Ali planned a weeklong funeral celebration for himself.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, an increasing number of non-celebrities are also planning their own funerals. Many of them see it as an extension of will and estate planning.

Advantages of Planning Your Own Funeral

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Why do people plan their own funerals? There are many advantages to advance planning. Here are a few:

How Much Will It Cost to Arrange My Funeral in 10 Years? 20 Years? 30 Years?

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As you can see in the projections of national averages below, the cost of a funeral is expected to more than double in 30 years. Keep in mind that the figures below are national averages; actual costs may vary from state to state. The numbers were calculated using a 3 percent annual inflation rate. 

Average Cost of a Funeral

Cost today:  $9,498

In 10 years:  $12,347 

In 20 years:  $16,051 

In 30 years:  $20,866 

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