Cemeteries prove some
love stories are eternal

Popular permanent memorialization options for couples include:

BURIAL PLOTS can be purchased together so the spaces are side-by-side and sometimes share a double marker. Some cemeteries may have companion plots in a “double depth” option as well.

Some families may purchase a small area of the cemetery to be dedicated to their family. With FAMILY PLOTS, usually a single large headstone engraved with the family name marking the area, with each individual grave marked with their own smaller marker.

COMPANION CRYPTS are designed to hold two caskets and are typically available in three configurations; side by side, tandem, and couch.

Private COMPANION MAUSOLEUMS provide an intimate final resting place for two or more, which can be personalized according to each family’s wishes.

COMPANION CREMATION NICHE holds two cremation urns and are typically available in side by side or tandem configurations.

PRIVATE FAMILY COLUMBARIUMS are available in sizes that can hold the cremated remains of two or more persons. The columbarium can serve as a family monument with the family name engraved at the top.

What love legacy will you leave behind?

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